Sun sea and sand of Mangalore or Mangaluru


Mangalore is well-known for its rugged coastline and the Western Ghats. The city hosts some of the most beautiful beaches that bestows a unique perspective into the life of the people who reside the sea. Positioned at the estuaries of the scenic Netravathi and Gurupur Rivers on the Arabian Sea coast, Mangalore is a destination, perfect for beach lovers.

Tannirbhavi Beach in Mangalore is a perfect blend of sun, sea, sand and hills. Surrounded greenery, the shore is ideal for nature lovers who enjoy picturesque landscape and peace. The gusty winds from the Arabian Sea and the silvery softy sand make it a lovely destination of matchless beauty and solitude. Here, tourists can indulge in activities such as boating, jet-ski, surfing, etc.

Panambur Beach is one of those beaches that presents a picturesque landscape. Situated at a distance of about 22 km from Mangalore, the beach attracts tourists with its golden sands and spectacular scenic beauty. The tranquil beach is perfect for enjoying several water based activities such as Jet skiing, sea surfing, boating, fishing, sun bathing, etc.

Ullal Beach is a serene place where tourists can enjoy the bliss of nature. Stretched out in a hue of blue and green, this beach is known for its serenity, clean sea shore and tranquil beauty. The long stretch of coconut trees and golden sands make the place even more captivating. The serene and pristine beach is at its best at the time of sunset.

Someshwar Beach is a lovely beach famous for its golden sands and the coconut palms that border the beach. Large rocks called ‘Rudra Shile’ are the major attractions of the beach. The breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea, magical sunsets, and the endless golden sands soothes the tourist’s heart and soul. Also, the surrounding greenery enriches the beauty of the place.

Mangalore is festooned a large number of outlandish beaches that have fascinated tourists from all across the world. Plan a tour to this coastal city and enjoy the beauty of the seashores!! A visit to these scenic beaches is enriching for sure!!

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