Must visit eateries of Mangalore


Mangalore, the port city, is well-known for its traditional cuisines. No wonder, several restaurants and eateries in Mangalore serve many kinds of cuisines including sea foods, Chinese, American, and other popular and delicious dishes. Jotted down are some of the must visit eateries of Mangalore.

Hotel Narayana – Hotel Narayana is a picturesque and charming eatery serving the best fish fry in the city. It is a place that scores less when comes to ambiance but stands tall in taste. The fish served here is always fresh. If you are a seafood lover, then this is a must visit place in Mangalore.

Pallkhi – Pallkhi is one of the most popular eateries in Mangalore that mostly attracts couples looking for an intimate dinner. Besides, it boasts a rooftop eating area for candlelight dinners and a party hall for big groups. The menu offers traditional Mangalorean or Udupi cuisine along with South Indian, North Indian and Chinese influences. Also, it boasts a bar which stocks beers, wines and spirits perfect to accompany any meal.

Gajalee – Gajalee is a traditional eatery that is cherished coastal food lovers in Mangalore. The Gajalee offers a vast menu of cuisines including a wide variety of sea foods, Mutton dishes, Chicken dishes, Squid and Clam, Indian bread, Soups, Rice preparations, Chinese Soups, Thali and other variety of foods. Since the restaurant is located upon a hilltop, it offers the most spectacular views of the city and its natural settings.

Janatha Deluxe – Ever since its inception, Hotel Janatha Deluxe has been serving lip-smacking vegetarian dishes at highly reasonable prices. From North Indian foods to traditional South Indian cuisines, Janatha Deluxe has wriggled its way into every food lover’s heart in Mangalore.

Overall, these are some of the best restaurants in Mangalore that you should never miss. Whether it is a cup of filter coffee, freshly made Rava vadai, lip smacking neer dosai, spongy idlis, or Mangalore buns, these eateries offer some of the phenomenal dishes and you head back home not only with a full stomach, but a full heart.

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