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The Tulu film industry is a part of Indian cinema and produces about 5 to 7 films yearly. Mangalore is home to the Tulu cinema from where Bollywood star Sunil Shetty and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were born and have created waves in Bollywood and worldwide. Several authorities in Tulu film industry felt a need of launching a distinct film commerce board for enhancement of regional language films such as Tulu. This marks the official christening of Tulu Film Industry as TULUWOOD.

TULUWOOD, a new word coined concorantly the Tulu film fraternity will herald a new vibrancy and prosperity for this evolving Industry with a symbolic identity. Now the Tulu industry completes 46 years of its existence taking into consideration the first Tulu film titled “Enna Thangadi” which was released in the year 1971. After endorsing production of more than 40 movies in Tulu language over the past four decades, the film industry has presented a sudden interest for Tulu language.

Many talented and young directors are trying their luck in TULUWOOD. While some of them have faced failure with their directorial ventures. Tulu Film Industry along with Karnataka Tulu Sahithya Academy & Ambit Acting Classes are even organizing workshops in Mangalore. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for all those Tulu speaking and Tulu Movie lovers to know about the various aspects of Tulu film industry.

The Tulu film Industry got another opportunity with the release of the flick “Oriyardori Asal”. This film emerged out to be the biggest blockbuster in Tulu film history till date. Besides that, Chaali Polilu is the highest grossing film as well as longest running film in the Tulu film industry. This movie scripted history as it successfully completed 470 days at PVR Cinemas in Mangalore.

Tulu films are not only famous in Karnataka or the Coastal of Karnataka, but it also caters to international audience at large. Currently, the Tulu film industry has grown to the extent where tulu films are being released simultaneously in Bangalore, Mangalore, Udupi, Mumbai, and Gulf countries.

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