Surfing in the coast of Mangalore


Mangalore offers a couple of attractive locations to surf on some gentle waves! Surfing is gradually gaining popularity in Mangalore and this splendid sport is no longer an exotic activity. The long and wide beaches in Mangalore offer plenty of opportunities for beginners, intermediates as well as pro surfers to surf.

Mulki, a tiny hamlet off the coast of Mangalore is an ideal destination for surfing. Mulki is a place where Indian surfing originated a decade ago as the “Surfing Swamis” established the India’s first surf school, retreat and club. Later, this emerged as the perfect spot for beginners to come and learn surfing with the pioneers of surfing in India. The water here is clear blue, with propelling barrels and lots of scope for barrel riding and power surfing.

Mulki is mostly suitable for surfing in the pre-monsoon and monsoon season, where the blend of two most vital aspects prevail – deserted beaches and a favorable wind. If you are an intermediate or an advanced surfer, hunting for challenging waves, Mulki is a place that meets your needs. With waves that suit the requirements of learners, there is no other better place than Mulki to learn the sport.

With its multi-cultural environs, Mulki is a beautiful and secluded place that offers you a great surfing experience. Mantra Surfing club in Mulki, is a surfing ashram dedicated to the pastime of surfing. The club boasts of India’s largest collection of surfboards making it easy for surfers to choose one as per their size and skill level. It is one of the few places where you can hire a surfboard and a body board easily. Indian Open of Surfing, a biggest surfing event was held here recently.

For all you adventure freaks in Mangalore, if you love the ocean and want to give surfing a shot, your wishes can be fulfilled! With Mulki being so proximity to Mangalore, it is easily reachable and can provide a fun-filled surfing holiday!

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