Skyscrapers and high-rises of Mangaluru

About The City

Mangalore, a chief port city of Karnataka has been making swift progress in the real estate industry, especially when it comes to skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. The immense change in the lifestyle as well as standard of living of mangaloreans apparently highlights the overall development of the city. The rising presence of malls, high-end hotels, branded showrooms, and supreme residential and commercial complexes are clear indicator that the real estate sectors are witnessing a windfall with skyscrapers rising in the Mangalore skyline.

Mangalore is emerging as a skyscraper city which really enjoys a Skyline. The city is all set to change drastically in the coming years with many high-rises and super tall skyscrapers under construction. Most of the high-rises in this dynamic city are highly concentrated around the Central Business District (CBD) and also in the Kadri – Bejai region. Pumpwell is predicted to be the upcoming skyscraper hub of Mangalore.

Mangalore city is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in South India. Another exciting fact about the high-rises of Mangalore is that every building which has 20+ floors has a helipad, abide the safety standards set the local administration. Planet SKS, a mega eco-housing project is considered as the tallest skyscraper in Mangalore. This high-rise building offers two, three, and four-bedroom duplex apartments, accompanied facilities such as a gymnasium, spa facilities, swimming pool, and various recreational rooms. Also, Planet SKS is the city’s first building to have rooftop helipad.

Land Trades Solitaire, the 32-storey residential project is perhaps the most aesthetic skyscraper in Mangalore. Designed Peter Mascarenhas of Archi Technics, the building enthralls everyone with its spectacular looks. With different blocks rising to different levels, the splendid architecture is a compliment to genuine form and symmetry as the entire magnificent structure is suffused in a revitalizing milky white.

Mangalore has evolved as one of the fastest developing tier-2 cities of the country. The phenomenal increase of the number of skyscrapers and tall buildings in the city has created awareness for the significance, distinctiveness and impact of this built form on urban life.

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