Nature and natural habitat of Mangalore

About The City

Mangalore has always been a top choice for tourists as its natural beauty gives it an edge that is hard to beat. One can experience Mangalore’s natural beauty in myriad forms such as water bodies, sanctuaries, woodlands, and what not else. This scenic land attracts tourists from across the country with its tropical climate and bevy of attractions. Being a paradise for nature lovers, Mangalore promises to keep uplifting your spirits every second you spend in this city.

Pilikula Nisarga Dhama, an eco-educational tourist park is a haven of fresh air and nature at its purest. This integrated theme park boasts of a zoo, heritage village, botanical garden, science centre, garden and golf course along with the lake. The eco system here supports a wide array of fauna and provides an ideal backdrop and habitat for a huge number of wildlife to proliferate in this perfect abode.

The Biological Park established in Pilikula Nisarga Dhama has key focus on the wildlife species of Western Ghats. The Pilikula Biological Park houses tigers, lions, elephants, bison, deer and a wide array of birds and reptiles in a habitat similar to their natural habitat. Tourists can witness elephants bathe and lions stride splendidly in their domain. According to the modern Zoological practices, the animal enclosures have been meticulously created to closely resemble its natural habitat.

Sammilan Shettys Butterfly Park, another tourist attraction, is a first ever sanctuary dedicated to butterflies. Set amidst lush greenery, the park is abode to 118 varieties of butterflies including rare species like Blue Nawab and Southern Birdwing, while some are pervasive to the Western Ghats. The best part of this park is that the colorful creatures are not caged in aviaries or enclosures.

Since Mangalore is rich in natural bio diversity, it is a utopia for those who love the beauties of nature. The city offers a plethora of opportunities to enjoy your moments of bliss in the lap of nature. Spend quality time with the inhabitants and make your holidays fun-filled and enjoyable!!

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