Mangalore a gateway of Karnataka

About The City

Mangalore is a land of different cultures, pristine and serene beaches and great educational institutes. Nestled amidst the blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the lush green, towering hills of the Western Ghats, Mangalore is a bustling city on the coastal belt of Karnataka. This scenic land is often referred as the “gateway of Karnataka” as it is the only city of Karnataka that has accessibility from all four routes i.e., air, water, road and rail.

Named after the deity Mangaladevi, Mangalore is dominated the typical coconut palms in the backdrop of rolling hills and hard red clay tiled roof buildings. The sandy beautiful beaches, lush green hills and streams, uneven roads, and historical temples, makes visitors amazed and spellbound the beauty of the city. Rosario Cathedral, Someshwar beach, Sultan Battery and Tannirbhavi beach are some of the must visit places that offers a breathtaking view to the tourists.

Mangalore is also renowned as the ‘Cradle of Education’ in Karnataka with 16 engineering, 6 medical, 11 physiotherapy, 12 MBA, 3 dental, 8 hotel management and 58 graduation colleges in and around the city. In addition to this, Mangalore has retained its position as one of the most prominent ports in India and handles a major portion of India’s cashew and coffee exports. Mangalore Junction, Mangalore Central and Surathkal are the important railway stations in the city. Besides that, Mangalore International Airport connects the city to many national and international destinations.

The city of Mangalore is indeed a melting pot of diverse traditions and culture. With its unique and remarkable cultural traditions such as Dasara, Yakshagana, Krishna Janmashtami, Pili vesha and Karadai Vesha dance, the city grabs the attention of visitors all around the world.

A visit to Mangalore is always refreshing as the city is blessed with heart-pounding natural beauty. Thus, make a trip to Mangalore and experience the rejuvenating atmosphere of this charming city!!

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